I help moms feel strong, confident, and powerful in their bodies

I am dedicated to helping moms feel strong and powerful at all stages of motherhood. Through community meetups and workouts, personal training, and online support, I’m committed to helping you feel good, move well, and grow our mama community.

Your body is strong and powerful. My focus is not on “fixing” your body or returning to your “pre-pregnancy body,” but rather empowering you to be strong and have the confidence to heal, move well, and have the energy for the toughest job you’ll ever love.

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I believe that all women should feel informed and supported in however they choose to move their bodies during pregnancy and postpartum. My goal is to serve you through a structured and progressive program that prepares you for labor, postpartum recovery, and the activities of daily life as a parent. Ready to have some fun?

Training Approach

I take a functional strength approach to fitness, with a strong emphasis on core + pelvic floor health. Together we’ll focus on exercises that help you move well in your day-to-day life as a busy parent. Whether your long-term goals are to return to group fitness classes, run, or keep up with active kiddos, we’ll work together to get you there. 

I’d love to work with you if:

  • You are a pregnant or postpartum woman.
  • You are an athlete who wants to train smartly to get back to high-intensity training after pregnancy.
  • You have experienced any of the following during or after pregnancy: lower back pain, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, diastasis recti, or sneezing or peeing when you run, jump, or lift. 
  • You want to start an exercise program during pregnancy. 
  • You want to work on goal setting and shifting your training mindset after birth. 
  • You’re willing to go back to the basics to set good foundations and prepare the body for birth / postpartum recovery. 

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Personal Training - San Diego
I provide in-home / outdoor personal training to pregnant and postpartum mamas in San Diego. Regardless of your fitness background or goals, I am here to support you. We work together to design a program that’s sustainable, enjoyable, safe, and supports your long-term health.
  • In-person or virtual fitness consultation
  • Customized training plan tailored to your goals and schedule
  • Workouts you can do at home with minimal equipment
  • Monthly goal setting and check-ins
  • San Diego Community Resource List: Pelvic Floor PT, self-care, lactation, nutrition, and more!
Group Training - San Diego
Already have a mom group? Turn your playdates into an interactive workout in a supportive group environment.
Virtual 1:1 Personal Training
Personal Training sessions delivered via Zoom in the comfort of your home. I provide both 30-minute and 50-minute virtual training sessions.
Monthly Online Coaching
A great option for moms everywhere. Monthly coaching includes a customized training plan delivered via the True Coach training app. Complete your workouts at a time that works for you.
  • Virtual Consultation
  • Customized training plan tailored to your goals, schedule, and available equipment.
  • Workouts + video demos accessible with True Coach Training app
  • Monthly goal setting and check-in: Track Progress, set goals, and celebrate all that you've done every month
  • Weekly check-in option: Option for 30-minute weekly check-ins. Review current programming and exercises, troubleshoot any roadblocks, and stay motivated and excited about the program.
  • Unlimited messaging via TrueCoach training app.
Virtual Group Training
Join in for weekly virtual workouts accessible for all fitness levels delivered via Zoom. Drop in for $10/class or join in for monthly classes.
  • Workouts tailored to all stages of motherhood: Strong Mama-to-be, Strong Mama 1, Strong Mama 2, and Strong 30
  • Access to all recorded workouts and programming. Can't make class time? All videos will be available on demand.
  • Monthly seminars an all things motherhood and fitness: join in for regular virtual seminars and Q & A sessions

Certifications and Continuing Education

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