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What Nik Knows Podcast Interview


I had the pleasure of sitting down with Nikki Sammet, an amazing mother and entrepreneur, for an episode of “What Nik Knows.” We talked about motherhood, pregnant and postpartum movement, returning to exercise after baby, mom guilt, COVID’s impact on postpartum care, the importance of seeing a Pelvic Floor PT, and more.

This episode was incredibly powerful to record. As a new mom there is an insane amount of pressure to return to movement and a pre-pregnancy body. Social media, before and after photos, and “bounce back” fitness programs market to a group of women experiencing a new body for the first time. A postpartum body just did something pretty amazing: created and birthed a human! A postpartum body is beautiful. And a postpartum body needs a little extra love and support.

Tune in to the episode and let me know what you think!


How to feel strong, confident, and powerful in your postpartum body. 

What is the What Nik Knows podcast?

The What Nik Knows podcast is made for mamas! Nikki covers mental health, women’s health, motherhood, working moms/entrepreneurship, babies/kids, self-care, relationships, social media, and mindfulness. She interviews other strong women, and I’ve been loving all of the episodes.

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