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5 Tips for Taking Virtual Classes in Pregnancy

Online Virtual Classes
I never thought I would enjoy taking virtual classes at home, but I’ve come to love it! Although I do really miss the in person community, at-home programming has become a critical part of my COVID self-care routine.
There are a ton of virtual platforms streaming classes these days:
There are also tons of amazing instructors and studios offering classes virtually (like me!) too.

Can you Continue Taking on-demand / Virtual Classes later in Pregnancy?

The answer is yes (depending on mama of course)!
As much as I love writing my own strength workouts, I also love taking live and on-demand classes. I learn a lot by taking, following along with the programming, instructor’s cues, and body language. The majority of on-demand classes are not created for the pregnant body, so have some grace and patience and know that there will be some modifications while you sweat it out. A few exceptions include Fit4Mom on Demand,  Barre3, Obe Fitness, and Studio Bloom, which both offer prenatal friendly workouts 🙂
Below are few tips and tricks I use to get prepared for class as I progress in my pregnancy:

1. Get your space prepared: I’ve eliminated belly down movements (think push-ups, burpees, renegade rows), so I recommend getting your space set up for success. The higher the surface the more support for you and your core. Grab a bench, stable chair, or set up near a wall nearby. If you notice any doming through the belly during a movement it may be time to take up the incline.

2. Press pause: Yes, you read that right. I seriously wish Peloton had a pause feature for this exact purpose. Since I stream most classes, it’s not much of an issue 🙂 Pressing pause gives you a bit more time to transition between movements, grab water, take a bathroom break, and set up your space.

3. Decrease your load: Weight suggestions are just that – suggestions. I often opt for bodyweight or bands instead of the weight recommendations provided. You do you mama!

4. Try a Preview: I tend to pre-watch on-demand classes before I take them. That way I know what’s coming for the strength section and I already know how I’m going to switch things up /get my equipment prepared before class even starts. Maybe this takes the fun out a bit, but it helps me feel prepared.

5. Live classes: Not relevant for on-demand, but if you are taking a class with a local instructor, reach out beforehand! Let them know you’ll be joining. They can provide some additional cues and support for you through class – even virtually.

BONUS Tip: Your breath is your powerhouse. Take a moment, press pause, and do some diaphragmatic breathing and mobility. This is great to add during those pause breaks 😉 As you inch closer to your due date, pick classes that align with your energy levels too!
Feel good mama.

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